The majority of enquiries we get, are from people wanting a birthday tour of the Yarra Valley, where they get to have a fantastic day out having chosen their itinerary, with their very own driver/guide.  We work out an itinerary with you in advance, making sure you decide where you want to go according to how much time you have, what kind of budget you have, your wine preferences etc.  All you have to do is organise your friends and in return you get to have a whole lot of fun on the day with none of the responsibility.  Our tour guides work out where is open, what time bookings need to be made for, where to go in what order and they manage the itinerary on the day too so if anything changes, they make the calls and adjustments, while you, in your tour group, carry on having fun.

1. you get to choose your own itinerary,

2. you have all the fun and none of the responsibility and

3. if things change on the day, our drivers/tour guides can be flexible – as it’s YOUR day.

Christie contacted us enquiring about a tour for her and 13 friends to celebrate her 30th Birthday.  We worked out a great day for them all and John collected them at Windsor Station in Melbourne on Saturday morning and drove them out to the Yarra Valley which is looking pretty special as we near the end of summer and harvest and the start of autumn.

First stop was Four Pillars Gin for a gin paddle each which they took to enjoy outside, to in the lovely weather.  The friends really enjoyed their paddles and loved the atmosphere of the Distillery.

Then John headed over to de Bortoli’s for cheese and wine tasting as the group were all self proclaimed ‘cheese freaks’ and they certainly weren’t disappointed with de Bortoli’s cheese cave – they LOVED the cheeses.

By now it was time for lunch so they drove back over to Tokar Estate and had a quick wine tasting before lunch to choose their complimentary glass of wine to enjoy with their meal and then dined out on the patio where they could drink in the view overlooking the vines and rose garden out to the distant hills – it’s a magic spot.

After lunch they requested a change from wine (this is where we can be flexible as they were on a private tour, so the day was theirs, so John just altered the itinerary and knew exactly where to take them) so off they went to Meletos for a Napoleon cider and beer tasting.  It is a great setting there at Meletos and the group were happy to kick back and relax sipping on their tasting paddles for the next hour before heading back to Chapel Street by 6.30pm.

Everyone had a great day and the birthday girl had a Yarra Valley birthday tour to remember, that’s for sure.

If you’ve got a birthday coming up and you’d like to celebrate it with a private Yarra Valley tour, let us know and we’ll put together some ideas for you and get the ball rolling.