Have an outrageously fun private wine tour of the Yarra Valley – why wait for a reason!?

Meeting Bruce the unicorn at Helen & Joey’s was definitely a highlight of the tour

When asked what the special occasion was and why they wanted to book a wine tour with Tour the Valley, Kristy replied she had quit her job, Sandy was celebrating getting a job, Eva was celebrating coming to Aus, Michelle just liked alcohol, Amy had got a promotion and Jess just can’t say ‘no’ to anything!  All perfectly good reasons to book a private wine tour in the Yarra Valley.

Kristy and friends had worked out their tour itinerary closely with Joan before the day, but no-one had mentioned there’d be the opportunity to ride a unicorn!!  Just one of the many perks to booking a private wine tour with Tour the Valley – we really do make dreams come true!!

Jeff picked up Kristy, her Mum and four girlfriends from Doreen and drove them out to Healesville to Four Pillars Gin distillery just as their doors were opening for what was bound to be a busy Saturday of trading.  The girls were the first to be served their gin tasting paddles and loved it all, the concept, seeing the gin stills, the description of the aromatics, the buildings – it was a great way to kick off their day out.

Next stop was St Huberts for the first wine tasting for the day and the sun was out and the valley was buzzing and the girls enjoyed their tasting with Shane in the cellar door.

Soumah was their lunch destination and the views just got better and better as they drove up Hill Road to the crest of the hill – where the cellar door and restaurant awaited – what a magnificent spot for a winery!!  They loved their meal, beginning with antipasta, then choosing a main dish each, with wine of course and even coffee after.

Finishing lunch earlier than anticipated, Jeff made a couple of phone calls to secret locations and within minutes they were heading up to Maddens Rise for a bottle of their fabulous Pink Fizz on the lawn!  Maddens Rise is IMHO THE best boutique winery in the entire Yarra Valley but they don’t take tours, they simply can’t, as their cellar door is tiny – but again, it’s one of the perks of being on your own private tour, with tour guides who know all the cellar door staff and can swing special treats like this once in a while.  The girls loved sitting out on the lawn in the sun with their bottles of bubbles.

Back on the bus with much singing by now and hilarity, Jeff drove the group to their final tasting of the day, to Helen & Joey’s winery, a relative newcomer to the Yarra Valley, having only opened in the last few years.  They have made a great name for themselves already with their award winning wines and welcoming, fun atmosphere, with three unicorns to meet (and ride should you so desire) out on the deck – Bruce, Thomas and Uno.  The girls loved their tasting with Stephen (as you can see) and bought another bottles of bubbles to enjoy together on the deck as they were having so much fun.

Actually does Stephen look like he needs help!?!

Jeff then drove the merry revellers back to Doreen where his ears took quite a bashing with the raucous singing for the 45 minute journey – but the girls had had a ball and that is the aim of the game on a Tour the Valley tour, so Jeff said his good byes to the group and then rather enjoyed the calm and quiet of the journey back on his own to the Yarra Valley. 🙂

If this sounds like the kind of day out you would love too, sampling local Yarra Valley wines while having a whole heap of fun and deciding your own itinerary – give us a call on 03 5962 5940 or fill out our questionnaire and let’s start putting together some ideas for your very own private Yarra Valley winery tour.