It was our impressive TripAdvisor comments and 5 star reviews that helped Ling from Kuala Lumpur choose to tour with us.  She wanted a private Yarra Valley tour just for her family and we put together a great day based on what she was after.

Ling and Vince met 20 years ago as students at Melbourne University – they were both from Kuala Lumpur and fast forward 20 years to today and they are married with 4 gorgeous children – Bryan, Brandon, Bradley and Kayley and they live and work in KL.

They loved their time in Melbourne and wanted to give their children the opportunity to travel and have new experiences, so were over here on holiday.  Joan collected them from the CBD on Thursday morning – and although they had visited an orchard and tasted stone fruits they wanted to see cherry trees and pick and eat the fruit.  So we set off to Silvan and great fun was had at the cherry orchard.

After picking and weighing and buying their cherries Joan drove them through the back roads of Wandin on their way to Chandon and they saw strawberry pickers at work in the fields – which they were fascinated by.

During their time living in Melbourne all those years ago Ling and Vince had never been out to the Yarra Valley so Chandon was a must visit for them.  They looked around the beautiful grounds and buildings and purchased some Chandon sparkling and red wine to take home.

By this stage the children were ready for lunch, so they drove up to Soumah of the Yarra Valley where they had a really relaxed time, with great lawns for the little ones to run around on and let off some steam.  The kids menu was perfect with pizza and pasta to share, so they were quiet for a while!  The grown ups enjoyed pizza and grilled asparagus and washed it down with a glass of wine while they admired the view.

As fresh berries are in abundance right now, after lunch we drove to Healesville to purchase some strawberries, raspberries and blackberries from the Strawberry Farm and they were all very excited at the thought of enjoying them – I wonder if they will still have some left to take home on Saturday?

Then there was great excitement as we had promised the children that next up on the itinerary was a visit to the Chocolaterie and they loved sampling the white, dark and milk chocolate buttons on arrival.  It was a lovely sunny day so ice-cream was a must and we sat outside licking away til they finally admitted they had had enough.

Our last stop for the day was Yering Station for a look around at the cellar and great buildings before Joan dropped them back to Melbourne just after 5pm.

They have had a really wonderful time here – catching up with old friends and giving the children so many experiences to remember – Puffing Billy, Phillip Island for penguins, koalas and kangaroos, orchards, Central Deborah Gold Mine, the Yarra Valley and finishing up with a visit to Victoria Market to taste some great cheeses – everyone’s favourite.

They are heading back to Kuala Lumpur on Saturday to be home in time for Christmas and New Year and the children start school again early January as holidays commenced end of October.  Ling and Vince want to return to Australia when they retire – but Joan secretly hopes they come back before then as we have so much to show them here in the Yarra Valley!

If you’ve never visited the Yarra Valley, a great way to do it is on a private tour so you get to decide ahead of the day where you want to go – it’s your tour after allContact us and let’s give you some suggestions…