After a rather fun works Christmas break up party with us at Tour the Valley, Mark & Ivana Gunther of Mark Gunther First National recommended us to their daughter’s boyfriend Jack, who was looking for a tour company to do a private wine tour for his 26th birthday.  John collected Jack and a whole bus load of his friends from Lilydale and the troop set off to the Yarra Valley to celebrate his special day.

Helen & Joey’s cellar door was our first stop on the day out, where the group enjoyed not only a superb wine tasting but also the amazing view from the deck and of course riding the unicorn!  Let’s face it, it’s not every winery that has a unicorn you can ride – in fact I think we can safely say it’s the only unicorn in the Yarra Valley.  Not satisfied with just riding a unicorn, at the next winery we visited, St Huberts, birthday boy Jack showed his youthful athleticism by jumping up on the 10 ft barrel!

After so many shenanigans it was time to visit Coldstream Hills where they enjoyed a fun wine tasting by Sarin in the cellar door, found the Pinot Noir particularly great and posed for yet more photos.  And no birthday tour is complete without a slap up lunch, courtesy of Tokar Estate where the group enjoyed a beautiful meal and had their fourth wine tasting of the day.

With time for only one more cellar door visit, we called in to Meletos and Napoleon’s cidery where they could have a beer and cider tasting, just to change things up a bit, and everyone was able to sit outside and relax and celebrate Jack’s Birthday with a “shoey”. (For those unaware of the exact definition of a ‘shoey’, I’m afraid all I know is it involves cider and or beer being drunk at speed out of a shoe.  Happy Birthday Jack!!!