Elouise was turning 24 and wanted to celebrate her birthday in a unique way with her girlfriends on a personalised wine tour – so we collected her and 8 of her girlfriends from Lilydale on Sunday.  Fortunately the rain had eased a little and we started the day at St Huberts Winery, one of the oldest vineyards in the Yarra Valley where they really enjoyed their wine tasting with Andrew and bought some wine for later.

When we took them up the hill to Helen & Joey’s for another wine tasting, the unicorns (which the winery has now become quite famous for) were nowhere to be seen!  Turns out they had been involved in a wedding there on the Saturday and were all now too tired!!  The girls enjoyed their tasting, despite the lack of unicorn sightings.

Maddens Rise was next on our itinerary and put on a great show for the girls with goslings, Alphie and Junior, who were a great hit.  As was their wine tasting, so much so, they again purchased some to enjoy later.

A relaxed lunch at Tokar Estate gave the group the perfect opportunity to catch up and relax with a glass of wine before heading off to Badger Creek Blueberry Farm to sample some Blueberry wines and to try their St Ronan’s cider.  And everyone was rather tempted by the great Christmas present ideas there, from stocking filler jams and preserves to bottles of fabulous blueberry wine!!

We finished the day off with a wine tasting at Innocent Bystander where their wines are served ‘on tap’ and Elouise loved their Moscato.

We had them back to Lilydale by 4.45pm after a really busy day with lots of fun and laughter.  What more could you want for your birthday celebration?  If you’d like to chat to us about putting together a private tour for you and your friends, send us an email or fill out our questionnaire and we’ll get back to you with a quote and some suggestions.