We do get to meet some wonderful people as tour guides in the Yarra Valley.  Take Jill and Hayley for example – they met nine years ago at work and although both have since moved on to other companies they have remainder great friends and decided to do a day tour of the Yarra Valley – and chose us to show them around.

I collected them from Balgownie Estate on Saturday morning and we’d already established through emails what they wanted to experience on their tour with us.  So first off we went to Domain Chandon as it was a MUST for Hayley on her first ever winery tour.  Both girls loved the building, the beautiful autumn turning leaves and staggering view and also the sparkling, as Hayley has a sweet palate when it comes to wine.

We lunched at Killara Estate Winery knowing that Hayley would enjoy their Moscato and sweeter tastings on offer.  Then we visited Meletos where a paddle of cider was enjoyed by Jill and Hayley outside with the wonderful view and ambience – it’s a great spot is Meletos, never fails to impress.

We finished our tour with a visit to Badger Creek Blueberry Winery where owner Eric gave them tastings of really different and exciting dessert wines, made from…you guessed it, blueberries!

With a quick stop at the motel they were checking into we then took them up to Innocent Bystander for a relaxing drink and some great food to complement the wine and round off a really enjoyable day – Hayley had thoroughly enjoyed her first ever wine tour and both girls were looking forward to spending Mother’s Day with their families the next day.