Mandy wanted to celebrate her 40th birthday in style with her Mum, sister and friends in the Yarra Valley, so we worked closely with her to put together exactly the tour itinerary she wanted.  And it was a great success.

So John collected Mandy, her mother, sister and some friends from Kilsyth and then picked up more friends at Montrose and started the day with a wine tasting at Helen & Joeys Estate.  They enjoyed the wine tasting and fabulous views of the Yarra Valley and the unique opportunity to pose for a photo on a unicorn!!

Zonzo’s put on a fabulous spread for lunch with antipasta platters followed by fabulous Italian pizzas.  The group spent a leisurely two hours there relaxing, chatting and catching up with all the news as most of their children were at primary school together. Three more friends joined the group for lunch, so there was heaps to catch up on.

After lunch, John took them to Coldstream Hills for some serious wine tasting, and then on to Meletos for something entirely different – a cider and beer tasting.  They started outside in the front courtyard with their tasting paddles and then moved to the back lawn as five helicopters (yes five) were preparing to fly their lunch guests back to the city and were creating a fair amount of interest.

Meletos had pre-arranged with the girls to surprise Mandy with birthday cake which they washed down with cider, beer and wine!!

It was a day full of great fun, friendship and laughter and Mandy had a fabulous 40th Birthday, so it was a job well done.  🙂